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Did you know that shortly after the Phantom Menace was released, musician Meco Monardo, wrote and released a song about Jar Jar Binks called "Cousin Jar Jar?" Robert Lopez, the award-winning composer of "Frozen" and "Book of Mormon" provided the vocals for Jar Jar's "cousin" in the song. I learned this while listening to the latest episode of the always fascinating Star Wars Oxygen podcast with David Collins and Jimmy Mac, a great way to learn about John William's Star Wars music.  If you haven't heard the Cousin Jar Jar song, you can listen to it here:


This Youtube video is the only place I've been able to find it online. I'm hoping that it will be made available in digital format someday, but I haven't been able to find it available for purchase anywhere. 

We transcribed the lyrics to "Cousin Jar Jar" to the best of our ability. You can check out the lyrics here.