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International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day is in only 5 more days. In order to prepare for this momentous occasion we've put together a list of common office sayings, in Gungan, for you to use at work. 

"Letsa besa puttin' together a SWOT anaylsis." - Let's put together a SWOT analysis. 

"Lookee dissen Gantt charta!" - Look at this Gantt chart! 

"Whosa ganna besa taken da meetin' minutas?" - Who is going to take the meeting minutes?

"Yousa haven any cuttins?" - Do you have any scissors? 

"Let mesa hand yousa da cuttins." - Here, let me hand you the scissors. 

"Whosa haven da cuttins?" - Who has the scissors? 

"Given mesa da cuttins, pleasa." - Hand me the scissors, please.  

"Mesa staplen dat." - I'll staple that.

"Tis what tis." - It is what it is.

"Wesa be makin' muy muy mula dissen quarter!" - This will be our most profitable quarter ever.

"Sendin mesa da TPS reporta speedest!" - Send me the TPS report immediately.