International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Okeyday everybody todaysa da biggen day, da day wesa all been waitin' per: International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day! So if yousa so inclined goen spake liken Jar Jar! In real life, on social media, wherever.


If yousa havin' any screenshots of tings yousa posted in Gungan or videos of yousa spaking liken Jar Jar, feel free ta share wit This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

If yousa need any hep yousa can always use are-sa Gungan Translator or lookee are-sa Gungan Dictionary or view everythin' Jar Jar has ebber spake in canon.

So goen out un have some fun! Un nosa get punched.