International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

A few weeks ago we published a blog post posing the question: What does the Gungan word "weesong" mean?

Shortly after, we received a response on Twitter from our friend QuiGonTimm of the Echo Base Podcast and the Random Chatter Network, in which he laid out his thoughts on what weesong means.

"New Weesong" translating to "No reason" makes perfect sense in context, so we've added weesong to our Gungan database with "reason" as the meaning. Barring any additional evidence to the contrary or feedback from George Lucas/someone at Lucasfilm, reason shall officially be known as "weesong" in Gunganese. Thanks QuiGonTimm!

If you happen to disagree or have an alternate interpretation of the word, let us know! Otherwise, case closed.