International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day falls on a Monday this year, which means that many people will be celebrating the holiday at their place of employment for the first time ever! The last two ITLJJBDs took place on a weekend, which means people with a Monday - Friday schedule had the day off. While some may have observed the holiday on the Friday before the weekend, or the Monday after, many did not. And very few people celebrated the very first International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day at all even though it fell on a Friday.

If you will be working on August 19th for the first time, you may be wondering "Should I speak in Gunganese for the entire day whilst on the job?" The answer, of course, is "Yes!" Your coworkers and customers will love it, and they'll probably be similarly wondering if they should be speaking Gungan themselves. It just takes one person talking like Jar Jar to open the flood gates! You can always review our list of helpful Gungan expressions for the office and more expressions for the office if you need pointers on things to say.

Our friend Woug will be working at a library on ITLJJBD and used our Gungan Translator to come up with some handy expressions that may be of use on the holiday. That list is as follows:

"No spaking inda library."
"Mesa'll jusa finish dis las bit of shelvin', okie-day?"
"Ye Guds, theesa books are heavy!"
"Since it'sa International Spake Liken Jar Jar Binks Day, Mesa shall waive yousa late fine."
"Only librarians can eat foosa inda library." 

Gungan in the Library by Woug

Thanks Woug for letting us know how you'll be spending ITLJJBD at work!  

To get into the International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day mood, it's a great idea to decorate your workplace with Jar Jar Binks and Gungan decorations. For example I have this bombad image of Jar Jar with a lightsaber that artist Jamie Cosley drew for me on my desk. I also have a Jar Jar mask and an "Ask Mesa about ITLJJBD" pin hanging on the wall of my cubicle.

I'd love to hear how you plan on celebrating lnternational Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day, at work or otherwise, or to see some of the ways you've decorated your work environment. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.