International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

In what can only be described as yet another embarrassment in a long line of embarrassments, Boss Lyonie's fledgling administration has once again been rocked by scandal. 

Adorning many of the statues in the Gungan Sacred place are Time-sa magazine covers with Boss Lyonie's face on them, announcing him as the "Gungan of Da Year." The only problem? Boss Lyonie has never graced the cover of the magazine, according to the publication. Not even once. And now Time-sa, one of the most popular Gungan periodicals, is demanding that Lyonie remove and destroy the fake covers immediately. In an official statement the magazine said that they would "Never put someone so lame or easily controlled by dark side magic on one of our covers, nevertheless name him Gungan of Da Year."

This is just the latest in a string of unfortunate incidents involving Lyonie. Early on in his rule the Boss was kind of a jerk about not wanting to aid the Mon Cala in their time-sa of need, until Jar Jar Binks convinced him otherwise. Then rumors began circulating that Lyonie was actually just Representative Jar Jar Binks in a fancy hat. And the most embarrassing incident of all was when it turned out that the new Gungan Boss was being secretly controlled by Gungan High Council member Rishi Loo, who was colluding with the Separatists and using his mystical powers to attempt to get Lyonie to start a war with the Naboo people which would have undoubtedly resulted in a bombad amount of casualties on both sides.

When reached for comment, Lyonie said that Time-sa didn't know what it was talking about and that he had totally been on the cover of their magazine "hundreds of time-sas." When asked whether he was still a puppet of Rishi Loo, Lyonie mentioned "Yousa da puppet."