International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

The Most Bombad Day Lyrics

Lyrics to Taylor Swift’s ‘The Most Bombad Day’.[]

So Much Better lyrics, in Gungan

A lot of people have written in over the years to ask us what the lyrics to the late 90s classic So Much Better by Evan Olson would be in Gunganese, and we’ve finally translated the song for all of you. Lyrcs are below.[]

Hamilton lines in Gungan, Part 1

Watching Hamilton on Disney+ this weekend? Wondering what some of your favorite quotes from the musical would be, in Gunganese? Well wonder no longer. Below are some famous Hamilton lines translated into the language of Jar Jar.[]

Sav-ed byda Bell lyrics

A Saved by the Bell reboot is currently in production. Ever wondered what the theme song to the beloved 90s sitcom would be, were it in Gunganese? Well, wonder no longer.[]

I Will Always Love You lyrics, in Gungan

I’ve been enjoying listening to the new podcast Dolly Parton’s America over the last few weeks. The second episode went into detail about how Dolly ended up writing the classic song “I Will Always Love You.” Naturally I couldn’t help but wonder what that song would sound like if it was translated into Gungan. So that’s what I did. Here are the Gunganese lyrics to “Mesa Will Always Luv Yousa.” Enjoy![]

Nineety-Ninee Red Balloonos lyrics

The other day I heard the classic 80’s song 99 Red Balloons and naturally couldn’t help thinking, as I do now for everything, “What would those lyrics be in Gungan?” So naturally I translated it. Here are the lyrics. []

Iconic Gungan movie quotes #1

Ever wondered what some of your favorite movie or TV show quotes would sound like if Jar Jar spoke them? We have too, so we’ve translated some of them into Gungan for you. Enjoy![]

Take on me lyrics, in Gungan

It’s always enjoyable to see what the lyrics to a popular song would be if had been written in Gunganese. Today we’re looking at A-ha’s 1984 smash hit “Take on me.” Cover this version, Weezer! Enjoy![]

New words added to the Gungan translator

The Gungan database that powers the Gungan translator and Gungan dictionary is a work in progress, and I’m constantly adding new words to it as well as refining the words and phrases that are included in it. []

Lyrics to God Only Knows, in Gungan

One of the most romantic songs of all time is God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. How could one possibly make it more romantic you might wonder? By translating it into Gunganese of course! So that’s what we’ve done. Enjoy![]