International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Nineety-Ninee Red Balloonos lyrics

The other day I heard the classic 80’s song 99 Red Balloons and naturally couldn’t help thinking, as I do now for everything, “What would those lyrics be in Gungan?” So naturally I translated it. Here are the lyrics.¬†[]

Take on me lyrics, in Gungan

It’s always enjoyable to see what the lyrics to a popular song would be if had been written in Gunganese. Today we’re looking at A-ha’s 1984 smash hit “Take on me.” Cover this version, Weezer! Enjoy![]

Lyrics to God Only Knows, in Gungan

One of the most romantic songs of all time is God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. How could one possibly make it more romantic you might wonder? By translating it into Gunganese of course! So that’s what we’ve done. Enjoy![]

Lyrics to In your Eyes, in Gungan

Do you enjoy Peter Gabriel’s classic “In your Eyes”? Of course, we all do! But you know, what would make it even more enjoyable? If it were sung in Gunganse. Here are the lyrics to “In your Eyes” if Jar Jar were to sing it.[]

Gungan Celebration Song Lyrics

Probably the biggest misstep that George Lucas made with the prequels was not having an Ewok Celebration style type song at the end of The Phantom Menace with Gungan vocals (as much as I love¬†Augie’s Great Municipal Band.) For that reason I’ve decided to try my hand at writing one. This can be sung to the tune of the Ewok Celebration Song, because I do not know how to compose music.[]

Let it Snow lyrics in Gungan

We continue translating classic holiday songs into Gunganese with “Let it Snow.” Enjoy.[]

Lyrics to Ironic in Gungan

Even though the next International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day is over 11 months away, I’ve occasionally been updating the database of words for the Gungan Translator on this site. A great source for Gungan words that I didn’t previously have in the translator is a series called “Episode I Adventures” written by prolific Star Wars author and editor, Ryder Windham, and released after The Phantom Menace came out in theaters.[]

Lyrics to 9 to 5 in Gungan

Smilen Labor Day ta yousas! In honor of this holiday celebrating working people and their contributions to the country, here’s Dolly Parton’s classic song about working, 9 to 5, in Gungan.[]

The 12 days of International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day song

Only 12 days left until International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day![]

Cousin Jar Jar lyrics

As you may or may not know, the official song of International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day is the Meco classic “Cousin Jar Jar.” (It’s in our FAQ.) This song, which details Jar Jar’s adventures in a night club, is possibly the greatest song about Jar Jar ever released. However, if you try to find the lyrics to the song on the Internet, it proves impossible. (Also impossible – finding somewhere to purchase the song.)[]