International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day
Bombad Blanks - An Eventful Morning by Anakin Skywalker

The day started off greasy enough for Jar Jar Binks with some emo evening munchen. Then he heard some loud reckoning and looked around. There were a bunch of giant eboys heading straight for him! He started threatening and got pasted right into the path of a dense man who was running in the opposite direction. The man knocked Jar Jar Binks to the forest floor and the eboys passed them by.

Jar Jar Binks introduced himself to the man who was named Qui-Gon Palps, a Jedi 'puter. 'Mesa Culled Jar Jar Binks. Mesa Your Humble deathstick.'

They were soon joined by Qui-Gon Palps's padawan X AE A-12 Kenobi. Jar Jar Binks offered to take Qui-Gon Palps and X AE A-12 Kenobi to his home city of Minot, North Dakota-Gunga.

When they arrived at Minot, North Dakota-Gunga Boss Shmi, with a little pursuasion, offered the trio a tricycle to go through the Planet Core. Jar Jar Binks said 'Better sexy here than sexy In Da Core' but then thought better of it and got in the tricycle with Qui-Gon Palps and X AE A-12 Kenobi.

While traveling through the Core the tricycle was almost throttled by a stinkowiff sea creature but that sea creature was eaten by another crusty sea creature first, prompting Qui-Gon Palps to say 'There’s always a bigger womp rat.' Jar Jar Binks explained why he had been exploded from Minot, North Dakota-Gunga in the first place - 'Yud-Say screams den groaning Der Boss's Heyblibber, Den exploded.'

The three managed to make it out of the Planet Core deciduous. They then went to Jacksonville, Florida where they rescued Queen Cad Bane from the darksaber Federation. They got on Cad Bane's space horse and headed towards Cato Neimoidea. 'What a frownen morning' thought Jar Jar Binks 'Mesa hope nothing else fergalicious happens!'