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International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Which sitcom trope is most likely to befall Jar Jar? Poll Results

If Jar Jar was in a sitcom, which of these common scenarios would he most likely encounter?

Inventing own song/dance called "Do the Jar Jar" : 30% (18 votes)


Getting trapped in a freezer with Boss Nass, leading the two of them to realize they're not as different as they think : 26.67% (16 votes)


Crashing his heyblibber into the kitchen, causing significant damage : 15% (9 votes)


Developing a will they/won't they relationship with Padme : 10% (6 votes)


Falling off of his kaadu and developing amnesia : 8.33% (5 votes)


Getting addicted to caffeine pills and exclaiming "Mesa so excited, mesa so excited, mesa so... scared!" : 8.33% (5 votes)


Starting a band with Peppi Bow, Tarpals, and Boss Lyonie : 1.67% (1 vote)


Total Votes: 60