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We're back with the second edition of Gungan sayings for the office. Let us know if there are other common office phrases you need Gunganized. And remember International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day is only 357 days away!

"Da bulb in da LCD projector needin some changin'!" - The bulb in the LCD projector needs to be changed

"Yousa carbon copyin' mesa on dat?" - Can you CC me on that?

"Mesa sendin' yousa da slide deck." - I'll send you the slide deck

"Yousa puttin' dose cuttins back on mesa desk?" - Can you put these scissors back on my desk?

"Sales dis week have been pitty hot!" - Sales this week have been pretty good.

"Can dose cuttins cuttin' throughsa synthetica organica compoundsas?" - Can those scissors cut through plastic?

"Mesa needin dose flimsiplasts collated." - I need those papers collated.

"Whosa puttin' da cuttins in mesa caf?" - Who put scissors in my coffee?

"Daresa donuts by da cafmackineek." - There are donuts by the coffee machine.

"Mesa needin' dat reporta on mesa deska bysa fife!" - I need that report on my desk by 5!

"Whosa takin' mesa staplen?" -  Who took my stapler?