International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Darth Jar Jar

Have you heard the theory that’s been going around the Internet the past few years, which proposes that Jar Jar Binks wasn’t just a loveable but clumsy sidekick, but was actually in fact intended to be an evil Sith mastermind?

If not you should read about it at The theory gained a lot of attention right before The Force Awakens was released and gets brought up again every so often. Rian Johnson, the director of “Episode 8: Mesa Back!”, even recently tweeted an image which makes reference to the idea.

Whatsa yousas tinken about it? Do you think George Lucas intended to reveal Jar Jar as an evil Sithlord, but then changed his mind when Jar Jar was received so poorly after The Phantom Menace came out? Or do you think that Jar Jar is exactly as he seems: a clumsy but good hearted hero?

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