International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

The Great Heyblibber Contest Winner

So the Great Heyblibber Contest has ended and we have a winner! We only received one entry, so no need for voting, but luckily it’s a great entry! This is the “Blibbah-Blabbah” submitted by user uck_ashion on Twitter.

image of a heyblibber

Here’s what uck_ashion had to say about her Heyblibber submission: 

“Attached you will find my illustration of what I think a Heyblibber would look like. 

And no, it does not burst as easily as it seems. It sure has the outer look of an innocent soap bubble, which is a perfect disguise for secure, light and fast passing through the waters of Otoh Gunga. 

However, if there is any danger, attack or reason to speed-up, a Blibbah-Blabbah is ready for action! With the actual cockpit being a PTFE-covered bubble in the center, the outer shell has a protective hard cover as well. Its form is adaptable, flexible, and – as I always add a little fluorescenting something into my works –

the Blibbah-Blabbah glows in the dark, just like a luxury Gungan Bongo should… Wait. Just like EVERYTHING in a galaxy far, far away should..!”

This Heyblibber illustration is truly wonderful and, although we here at the Official International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day page have no official power to make this the canon representation of a Heyblibber, in my head, from now on, this is what a Heyblibbler looks like.

So thanks again uck_ashion for participating in the Great Heyblibber Contest! We’ll be contacting you regarding the prizes shortly!

And everyone else, please let uck_ashion know how great you think her artwork is!

Happy Heyblibbering everyone, and may the Force, of Others, be with you!

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