International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Jar Jar Binks confirmed for role in upcoming Han Solo movie

Proving that Solo: A Star Wars story is truly going to be “quite a thing to see”, we’ve now been able to confirm with multiple sources within Lucasfilm and Disney that the forthcoming film will feature Jar Jar Binks in a small but important role.

Not much is known about how exactly the famous Gungan will factor into the story, but it is believed that he will be involved in providing help to Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Q’ira, and space Woody Harrelson on one of their missions, on the planet Mimban. 

Qi’ra, Jar Jar, and Han have a discussion

One scene that IS rumored, according to someone close to Clint Howard, Ron Howard’s brother, will reportedly feature Q’ira looking for Jar Jar in a crowded marketplace. This is also the scene where popular Expanded Universe comic characters Tag and Bink have a cameo. When Q’ira exclaims “Binks”,  both Jar Jar and Bink turn around at the same time, in a moment that eagle eyed fans are sure to find very amusing.

According to sources, Disney is considering featuring Jar Jar in a forthcoming standalone film, and his inclusion in Solo in a minor role is a means of testing the waters, to see what the audience reaction will be.

Says one insider “Bob Iger has always been a Jar Jar fan. He has one of the largest personal collections of Jar Jar memorabilia in the country, and even reportedly dressed up as Jar Jar at a Disney Halloween party in the early 2000s. That said he is well aware that not everyone feels the same way [about Binks]. As soon as the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm was finalized, he began having discussions with Kathy [Kennedy] about the best time to reintroduce Jar Jar to audiences. She’s been reluctant to place him in any of the new films up to this point, but feels the Han Solo film might be the perfect opportunity to see how the fans react, since it will almost certainly be a surefire hit.”

Fans do not have long to wait, to see Jar Jar Binks triumphant return to the silver screen. Solo: A Star Wars story is out in theaters on May 25, 2018.

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