International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Today is the 4th Day of May, a day that many people celebrate Star Wars. released an activity pack for the 4th but we were saddened by the dearth of Gungan related content in it. We were wondering what Kathleen Kennedy was thinking when she put it together, but then we released "Oh, she's expecting us to handle the Gungan stuff, since we're the experts." So we put together a list of some fun activities you can do today, with a Gungan twist. 

Do you like word searches? Then check out our brand new Gungan related word searches

Do you enjoy fill in the blank games? Then fill out some Bombad Blanks alone or with friends! Hilarity will ensue!

Are you a fan of Bingo? Then try Gungan Bongo Bingo with your family and friends!

Want to impress your friends by speaking one of the most popular Star Wars languages? Try our Gungan Translator!

And finally, how about sending some Jar Jar related E-cards to your loved ones? There are even some May 4th cards!

We hope you have fun today, in the most Gungan way!