International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Did you know Jar Jar Binks could have appeared in Ralph Breaks the Internet?

Did you know that at one point Jar Jar Binks was set to appear in Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, which came out this past fall? It’s true.

We learned this recently when we saw a Tweet from Twitter User Stormie:

Wreck-It Ralph, a 3D computer-animated film released by Walt Disney Studios in 2012, followed the adventures of Wreck-It Ralph, a video game “villain” on a quest to become a hero. The sequel released in 2018 features Ralph and his best friend Vanellope venturing into the Internet.

It turns out that one of the character designers for the sequel, Jeff Merghart, posted a bunch of concept art on his ArtStation site back when the film premiered, including a whole page of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars character art. There are several pieces which feature Jar Jar. Here are a few.

Images courtesy of Jeff Merghart

I was curious to see if I could learn what sort of role Jar Jar would have had in the film – so I reached out to Mr. Merghart, who generously answered my questions. According to Jeff, initially Jar Jar was just going to have a couple of funny throwaway lines, but then his planned role increased. Says Mr. Merghart: “I think he started out as a background character in Oh My Disney with a funny line or two (as did Darth Vader) to being a part of Ralph’s crew that also consisted of Eeyore and Grumpy. Together with Vanellope and the princesses they were going to team up with Double Dan, Shank (who also recruited Jimmy’s Gramma) and the Slaughter Race gang to defeat Ralphzilla.”

Unfortunately, as you’ll know if you saw the film, this did not come to pass. Explains Jeff: “There were a lot of fun scenarios and gags but as the story developed things got whittled away to focus on the story and intent.”

I asked whether any of Jar Jar’s scenes ever got animated, but Mr. Merghart was unsure. Also unknown is whether Ahmed Best was, or would have been, approached to return to the role. I really hope he would have been given the opportunity if he wanted it.

Although it’s sad that Jar Jar didn’t make it into the movie, it’s cool to know that he was at least considered for a part in the film, and who knows, maybe he’ll show up in the third Wreck-It Ralph film!

Thanks to Jeff Merghart for answering my questions about the film. Be sure to check out more of his great artwork as well as his tumblr to keep up to date on what he’s working on.


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