International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Happy Mother's Day! In honor of this special day we've converted Taylor Swift's popular song about her mother "The Best Day", to the Gungan worded "The Most Bombad Day." Enjoy!

The Most Bombad Day

Mesa fife years old
It'sa getten cold
My've got mesa biggen thermal flak jacket on

Mesa hear yousa laugh
Un lookee up smilen at yousa
Mesa swim un swim
Past da meiloorun patch
Unda heyblibber rides
Lookee now, da ganya is gold
Mesa hug yousa legs
Un fall asleep onda way home

Mesa no knowsa why all da perlote trees change inda Inpoll
Boot Mesa knowsa yousa notsa skeered of anyting at all
Do Notsa knowsa iffen Boss Nasses dome is near or far away
Buta Mesa knowsa Mesa had da most bombad day wit yousa today

Mesa derteen now
Un mesa nosa knowsa how
Mesa palos could besa such sleemos
Mesa comen home cryin'
Un yousa hold mesa tight
Un grab da keys

Un wesa drive un drive
Until wesa founded a beeg buba far enough away
Un wesa spake un bodooka shop
'Till Mesa forgotten all deir names

Mesa no knowsa whosa Mesa ganna talkie ta now at skool
Buta Mesa knowsa Mesa laughin'
Onda doopeewee ride home wit yousa
Do Notsa knowsa how longo it'sa ganna take ta feel okeyday
Buta Mesa knowsa Mesa had da most bombad day wit yousa today

My've a bombad fatter
Hisen strength is makin' my stronger
Da Guds smile on mesa bitty brudder
Inside un out hesa betto dan Mesa
Mesa grew up ina pitty dome
Un Mesa had space ta swim un Mesa
had da most bombad days wit yousa

Dare's a holovideo Mesa founded
From backin whena Mesa was dee
Yousa set up a whizbooma inda stickgooshy
Un yousa spaking ta my
It'sa da age of queenies un pirate bongos
Unda Sevin Ugnaughts
Un Daddy's smarty
Un yousa da prettiest Gungan on Naboo

Un now Mesa knowsa why da all da perlote trees change inda Inpoll
Mesa knowsa yousa were on mesa side
Even whena Mesa was wrongo
Un Mesa luv yousa per givin' mesa yousa peepers
Stayin' backin un watch'n mesa shine un

Mesa nosa knowsa-ed iffen yousa knew
So Mesa takin' dis chance ta spake
Dat Mesa had da most bombad day wit yousa today