International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Blast from a Previous Time: Interview with Liam Neeson from Star Wars Insider #36

In Star Wars Insider #36 from Spring 1998, there’s an interview with Liam Neeson from the set of Episode I.

The interview features Neeson talking about his experience shooting the film. At one point he is asked about Ahmed Best, and as per usual, he has a lot of nice things to say about Jar Jar’s actor. Remember that at this point we still had no idea what Best’s character was named or what his role would be in the film.

Ahmed Best, who plays the new computer-generated character for principal filming, is not going to be physically on screen yet he is the character. Can you talk a little bit about what he's brought to the part and what he's given you, as an actor, to work from? Ahmed Best is that character, there's no question about that. The man himself (he's some ridiculously young age - 23 or 24) is a fabulous entertainer. This is a guy who has absolutely made it on his own; he's got no representation, no agent, as we speak. He is very, very gifted performer, and an incredibly funny guy. There were so many takes we were doing where it was so hard to try and keep a straight face because he's been so inventive with this computer-generated character making signs and strange, weird noises. He has fabulous energy - and I love that with actors who are so into what they're doing. It's total commitment to the scene. He was never less than highly charged, and a great guy. I'm very fond of him.

We could not agree with Liam Neeson more, and we too are very fond of Ahmed Best.

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