International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Blast from a Previous Time: Prequel Update from Star Wars Insider #41

In the winter 1999 issue of the Star Wars Insider, Rick McCallum provides yet another Prequel Update.

With Episode I premiering in only a few months, there are more and more questions about the exciting new CGI character that audiences will soon be laying their eyes on. First McCallum is asked who will be providing the voice of Jar Jar. He confirms it will be Ahmed Best who of course performed the Gungan on set. 

Ahmed Best, who played Jar Jar on the set, is doing the voice as well. Jar Jar is one of the side kicks and plays a major part in the film. He's a great character who is funny and, at the same time, instrumental in helping the Jedi and propelling the plot forward. He is a fantastic character.

Later in the article McCallum is asked whether George Lucas’ children helped come up with some of the names of the characters in the film. McCallum says that the only one he knows about for sure is Jar Jar who was named by Lucas’ son Jett. 

I know that Jar Jar came from his son Jett. I don't know if Katie helped in the naming of the other characters, but definitely Jar Jar came from Jett.

Neither of these pieces of information are anything new in 2022, but in 1999 they were definitely exciting tidbits.

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