International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

When a Gungan Boss moves from the swamps of Naboo to the upscale Connecticut suburbs to take a job as a housekeeper to try and give his daughter a better life it's... Whosa da Boss?

The theme song lyrics to Whosa Da Boss are as follows:

Dare’s a time for luv and a time for livin’

Yousa take a chance and face da huffmaker

An open road and a road dat’s hidden

A brand new life around da Core

Dare were times when Mesa lost a heyblibber or duey,

Boomed da gasser, and at da end was yousa

Dare’s a path yousa take and a path nosa taken

Da choice-sas upta yousa mesa palo

Nights are longo boot yousa’re on yousa way

Ta a brand new life,

Brand new life,

Brand new life around da Core