International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

These top 10 classic TV catchprases of all time are impossible to forget, but now we've made them even more impossible to not remember, by translating them into Gungan. Enjoy!

"Heyblibber, heyblibber, heyblibber!" -  Dwayne Nelson, What's Happening!!

"What yousa spakin 'bout, Tarpals?" - Arnold Jackson, Different Strokes

"How wude!" -  Stephanie Tanner, Full House

"Did mesa dosa daaaaaaaaat?" - Steven Urkel, Family Matters

"Mesa nosa an astromech!" - Vaughn, the Ben Stiller Show

"Heyo-dalee Winnie Cooper, it'sa mesa Kevin Arnold, from down da street. Mesa palos wit Paul Pfeiffer, whosa wears glasses, on hisen face." - Kevin Arnold, The Wonder Years

"Mesa Doug, and mesa outta heeeeeeeeeeresa!" - Doug, The State

"Ay oh icky icky goo, oh icky icky goo ay" - Anthony "Tony" Micelli, Who's The Boss?

"Mesa made a boopjak!" - GOB, Arrested Development