International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Going out to eat on International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day this Friday, August 19th? Well here are some useful Gungan sayings for eating at a restaurant:

"Passen da salt pleasa!" - Pass the salt please!

"Mesa parken mesa heyblibber in da handicap spot. Yousa tinken theysa towen mesa?" - I parked my heyblibber in a handicap spot. Do you think they'll tow me? 

"Checken pleasa?" - Can we get the check please?

"Yousa recommendin' what?" - What do you recommend?

"Is dare a Pokestop hair?" - Is there a Pokestop here?

"Anyhisen wanten sweet munchins?" - Does anybody want dessert?

"Wesa gettin' separate checks?" - Can we get separate checks?

"Mesa grabbin a hamburger and freedom fries!" - I'll have a hamburger and french fries.

"Yousa know theysa haf green crunched tomato goo now?" - Did you know they have green ketchup now?