International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

New words added to the Gungan translator

The Gungan database that powers the Gungan translator and Gungan dictionary is a work in progress, and I’m constantly adding new words to it as well as refining the words and phrases that are included in it. []

New Gungan Translator to convert your phrases into Gungan

Hey everyone, we’ve built a Gungan Translator and added it right here on the Official International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day page! So if you need to figure out how you’d say something like Jar Jar would, you can just visit the translator, enter whatever text you want to translate in English and then have it translated into Gungan with the simple click of a button. We hope you find this tool useful! Let us know what you think![]

Go Gungan Translator Chrome extension updated to version 2.1

One of the most common suggestions we’ve had for improving our Go Gungan Translator Chrome extension is the addition of the ability to easily turn it on or off, because I guess sometimes you might not want everything to be in Gungan (I don’t know why). Well we took your feedback into consideration and we’ve now made it so you can turn off the extension just by clicking on the Go Gungan Translator icon in your toolbar. See the images below on how the icon should look if the extension is turned on or off.[]