Enter The Great Heyblibber Art Contest!

If you're going to be at school on International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day, this Friday, here are some things that you can say:

"Wesa haven da homework dis night?" - Do we have any homework tonight?

"Mesa leaven mesa homework in da heyblibber!" - I left my homework in the heyblibber!

"Boss Lyonie eaten mesa homework" - Boss Lyonie ate my homework

"Mesa acen da testa." - I got an A on the test.

"Mesa kicked in da face by da socca ball in gym classa dis day!" - Somebody kicked a soccer ball in my face in gym class today

"Yousa may besa tinking yousa people ganna die, but mesa tinking mesa did bombad on dat test wesa jus taken" - You may think that your people are going to die, but I think I did well on the test that we just took