International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Happy Life Day!

Jar Jar is not a Wookiee but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy celebrating Life Day every November 17th! If you didn’t know, Life Day is the holiday celebrated in the classic 1978 Star Wars Holiday special, which celebrates life, family, and friends.

Check out these Jar Jar related Life Day e-cards and send some to your friends and family. Because if you don’t care enough to send someone a Life Day e-card, you don’t care enough.

Yousa so welcome! And as a bonus, here’s the traditional Life Day song, in Gungan:

Wesa celebrate un day of peace. 
Un day of harmony. 
Un day of joy wesa all can share together joyously. 
Un day dat takes uss-ens through da darkness. 
Un day dat leads uss-ens inta might. 
Un day dat makes uss-ens wanten ta celebrate da light. 
Un day dat brings da promise dat una day, wesa’ll besa free ta live 
Ta laugh, ta dream, ta grow, ta trust, ta luv 

Happy Life Day!

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