International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Smilen Tanksgivin' everybody! We've put together a list of sayings that you're likely to say at the dinner table today, but translated into Gungan. Feel free to use them to impress your family!

"Whata a loverly munchen yousa haf prepared per uss-ens!" - What a lovely meal you have prepared for us!

"Can yousa pleeese passen da gravy?" - Can you please pass the gravy?

"Mesa scant wait ta peep da biggen nuna-ball game after da munchen!" - I can't wait to watch the big football game after the meal!

"Mesa do notsa wanten ta sit at da toboo nuki's table! Mesa un adult!" - I don't want to sit at the kid's table! I'm an adult!

"Mesa may disagree wit yousa politics boot Mesa do notsa disagree wit how wellen yousa cooked dis nuna!" - I may disagree with your politics but I don't disagree with how well you cooked this turkey.

"Yousa know dat Greg Kinnear is starrin' ina new movie? Mesa haven't seen hesa in anyting ina while boot apparently hesa been workin' pitty steadily accordin' ta hisen IMDb page. Mesa always enjoyed hesa on Talkie Soup." - Did you know that Greg Kinnear is starring in a new movie? I haven't seen him in anything in a while but apparently he's been working pretty steadily according to his IMDb page. I always enjoyed him on Talk Soup.

"Dis cranberry sauce is disgustin'." - This cranberry sauce is disgusting.

"Mesa hope yousa did notsa cooky da stuffin' inside da nuna. Mesa do notsa haf any interest in getten salmonella poisonin'." - I hope you didn't cook the stuffing inside the turkey. I do not have any interest in getting salmonella poisoning.

"It may besa an unpopular opinion boot Mesa prefer 1995's Sabrina tada original. Greg Kinnear wasa bombad delight as Harrison Ford's brother, Linus. Notsa tabe mistaken per charlie brown's palo Linus. Dat's a different hisen." - It may be an unpopular opinion but I prefer 1995's Sabrina to the original. Greg Kinnear was an absolute delight as Harrison Ford's brother, Linus. Not to be mistaken for charlie brown's friend Linus. That's a different character.

"Mesa unable ta tongue-grab mashed potatoes. Theysa make mesa gag." - I am unable to eat mashed potatoes. They make me gag.

"Mesa hope yousa putter mooie-mooie marshmallows inda Sweet Potato Casserole." - I hope you put extra marshmallows in the Sweet Potato Casserole.

"My've heard dat Greg Kinnear prefers Apple Pie ta Pumpkin Pie, as do Mesa." - I've heard that Greg Kinnear prefers Apple Pie to Pumpkin Pie, as do I.

"Do yousa haf any Tufurkey? Mesa un Vegan." - Do you have any Tufurkey? I'm a Vegan.

"Tanks per invitin' ussa over! 'Twas bombad! Smilen Tanksgivin'!" - Thanks for inviting us over! It was enjoyable! Happy Thanksgiving!