International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

The Bombad Batch

If you watched the first episode of The Bad Batch, released on May the 4th, you were probably just as surprised, and delighted, as we were, to watch the final minutes of the show, when the true heroes of the show were revealed: 5 Jar Jar Binkses.

As the episode came to an end, the squad found themselves investigating a secret facility deep in the swamps of Naboo. Upon breaking into the building, they discovered an elite squad of clones of Jar Jar Binks, who promptly sprung into action and easily killed Crosshair, Echo, Wrecker, Hunter, and Tech. One of the Jar Jar clones then says “Exqueeze-me Bad Batch, yousa nosa match for the Bombad Batch.”

The episode then ends with The Bad Batch logo dissolving into The Bombad Batch logo, clearly indicating that The Bad Batch was just a cover for the real series, The Bombad Batch, and that we’ll now be following this elite squad of Jar Jar replicas as they fight back against the evil Galactic Empire.

The Bombad Batch

None of my sources had indicated that this was coming, but it’s a welcome surprise. A show following some clones of Jango Fett is not super exciting to us here, but a show following a bunch of Jar Jars? We’ll watch as many hours as they want to give us of that. 

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