International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Winners Announced in The Great Queen Julia and Jar Jar Binks Wedding Art Contest!

Voting in the The Great Queen Julia and Jar Jar Binks Wedding Art Contest has now ended!

Coming in first place is Tim Schneider, second place is Lucy, and third place is Korbinian “Professor Audial” Galloway!

Congratulations to all 3 contestants for submitting wonderful Queen Julia and Jar Jar Binks wedding entries and participating in the contest! All 3 submissions were wonderful! If you are one of the winners we will be reaching out to you shortly.

You can check out the submissions below.

First Place:

Submission from Tim Schneider

Tim Schneider’s Website

From the artist: “The Jar Jar-Julia wedding is a small ceremony, officiated by his bombad palo Masteren Mace (who’s still pretty tired of the senator’s antics), in the most romantic spot on Naboo (caution, may cause spontaneous rolling around in the grass), with Cap’n Tarpals’ Force ghost watching over the proceedings, also clearly not amused…”

Second Place:

Submission from Lucy

Lucy’s Website

From the artist: “Went for a South Asian flare”

Third Place:

Submission from Korbinian “Professor Audial” Galloway

Korbinian “Professor Audial” Galloway’s Youtube

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