International Talk Like Jar Jar Binks Day

Popular Gungan driving expressions, Part 1

Ever wondered what Gungans say whilst driving their bongos and Heyblibbers around the Naboo ocean? Pretty much the same things we say, but in Gungan. See below for some common Gungan driving sayings.

“Dat hissen issa drivin’ cwwwaaaazy!” – That individual is driving erratically.

“Get yousa crash webbin’ on!” – Please put on your seatbelt.

“Yousa blinker issa blinkin’ like cwwwaaaaazy! – Your blinker is still on.

“Yousa takin’ da next left!” – Take the next left.

“Oh no! Yousa ganna crash inta dat heyblibber!” – Watch out, you almost hit that luxury vehicle.

“Oh no! Yousa ganna crash inta dat Sando aqua monster!” – Watch out, you almost hit that Sando aqua monster.

“Oh no! Yousa ganna crash inta Boss Nass!” – Watch out, you almost hit the leader of the Gungan people.

“Theresa an axedente on da side of da Core.” – There’s an accident on the side of the road.

“Yousa tinking mesa should pick up dat hitchhiker? Mesa nosa want ta be crunched.” – Should I pick up that hitchhiker? I’d prefer not to be murdered.

“Yousa better stop yousa bongo!” – You better stop your car.

“Whysa dat loconut passin me on da left?” – Why is that idiot passing me on the right?

“Yousa goen slower. Yousa goen ta get us crunched.” – Slow down. You are going to get us killed.

“Nosa officer, mesa nosa knowin’ whysa yousa pullin’ mesa over. Whysa yousa nosa jus’ tellin mesa?” – No officer. I do not know why pulled me over. Why don’t you just tell me?

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